Emergency Airtime Credit Advance

We believe millions of dollars’ worth of revenue is lost by all telecom service providers every year as prepaid customers do not have enough balance in their accounts. Almost 50% of the calls and SMS are not send through due to low balance. Similarly 40% of the internet sessions do not go through due to low balance. We help telecom operators to realize this revenue which is not capitalised by the telecom operators. In addition to this our business model ensures zero risk and zero investment for the operator.

The Mobihive Emergency Airtime Credit Advance (EACA) is a service that enables mobile subscribers to receive emergency airtime on credit when they need airtime and are unable to access it. The service is geared towards customers who have run out of airtime, are unable to top up via conventional means (e.g. traveling, at night, without money, proximity to an airtime sale outlet, in an emergency situation etc.) but are in need of making a mobile phone call.

The Mobihive EACA is designed for ease of use as it works via USSD and SMS, which are well understood by mobile subscribers, and the airtime is availed to the borrowed subscriber instantly. The mobile subscriber is then required to repay the advanced airtime.

Given below are the salient features of our unique business model which guarantees incremental revenue at zero investment and zero risk.

  1. Zero CAPEX Investment

    MobiHive will make the entire investment for hardware and software. There will be zero investment from telecom network operator.

  2. Zero Bad Debt

    We take entire liability of bad debt. Network operator is fully secured as we have bought Talktime in advance and we take the 100% liability of non-recovery; which means there is Zero risk to operator.

  3. Buy Talktime

    We buy Talktime by paying upfront cash to the network operator. This Talktime is used to top-up the emergency talktime platform to give credit to customer. This also gives additional cash flows to operator.

  4. Advanced Credit Rating

    We profile all the customers bases ARRU and age in network. We have very advanced credit rating algorithms which dynamically updates the credit rating of customer and allocate appropriate credit limit.

  5. Product Roadmap

    MobiHive has well defined road map for micro credit which will help the operators to have additional revenue streams and brand differentiation. We start with Airtime credit but extend the product to electricity credit, satellite TV credit, text credit, internet credit, vas credit etc.